11 Dec

Today, I turn 32. How is this possible? Where did 31 go? It’s a little disconcerting that time keeps going faster as I get older.

I must say that 31 was a good year. I reinvigorated my desire to travel, and I decided that I don’t want to sacrifice traveling for more material possessions. I realized what is truly important in my life and started living my life in such a way that honors that.

Actually, my “1” years have been good years. Of course, I don’t remember being 1 – I can only assume it was a good. I know that 11 and 21 were excellent ages, and I am glad that 31 continued the trend. However, my “2” years (with the exception of my second year of life, which again I don’t vividly recall) have not been good. 12 and 22…both were years I’d rather forget. Let’s hope 32 can buck that trend.

I found a couple of old – or should I say young – birthday pics when I was searching for my haircut-inspiring photo. I thought they would be a fun little celebration for today.

Pretty self-explanatory which birthday this was taken at.

Can’t remember which birthday this was, but I do remember that it was my first birthday slumber party. My mom tried to bribe us by giving a gift to the first to go to sleep. Only two of the girls took the bait. I did not.

Here’s to my new year 🙂


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