Why It’s Easy Going Green

9 Jul

My experience in Yosemite opened my eyes to what’s at stake if we – as a nation, as a global community – DON’T start living sustainably.

I don’t want to lose the beauty of Yosemite’s high country – the beautiful blue of the sky, the snow-capped peaks, the crystal-clear lakes.

Goal #2: Transition to a more simple, greener lifestyle.

I’ve been dabbling in thoughts of going green for several awhile. I started reading several blogs on the topic – but very specific types of green blogs:

Eco Chic Blogs

Some of my favorites include EcoSalon and Ecofabulous, and I’m loving my newest discovery, Shift Your Habit.

I have learned that going green doesn’t require the sacrafice of comfort, style, or even a lot of money. I have also learned that there are A LOT of small changes one can make.

And I am starting with the one thing I swore I would never do:

I have hated compact fluorescent lighbulbs (CFLs), basically because I am very particular about lighting and I’m not living in a home bathed in an eery yellow or blue glow. I had told Jason once that there was no way I would switch to CFLs…unless the technology improved. Well, it has.

The book Green Chic: Saving the Earth in Style has taught me how to buy CFLs (the author is not a fan of the nasty coloring either). Wattage and Kelvin temperature are the two big things to look for.

We’re taking it a room at a time. First up: our living room. Three of our four lamps now sport CFLs (the other has a three-way bulb, and the CFL tech hasn’t gotten there yet). We got 13-watt bulbs with a Kelvin temp of 2700. Besides the slight delay when you first turn them on, there is no visual difference.

Baby steps. By the time we eventually build our dream home, I’ll be well equiped to make it as green as we possibly can!


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