"Sunday" Hike: Yosemite Adventure Hike

14 Jun

Jason and I have been home since Thursday evening. The two of us, along with our two dogs, have spent the last few days recovering from our respective vacations. Unfortunately, a late start today meant no morning hike. However, Jason and I are off all this week and will try to get out a few times.

Since I didn’t have a regular Sunday hike to write about, I thought I’d recount our Yosemite Adventure Hike to Vernal and Nevada Falls.

Our hike technically began in Curry Village, where we were staying. It was about a 1 mile walk from Curry to the trailhead. It was still chilly, so I was nicely layered. Jason and I were also fully stocked with two bottles of water and Gatorade each, plus some high energy snacks.

We could have done this hike on our own, but opted to take a guided Adventure Hike instead. Initially, we were a group of four (plus our guide). Only about half a mile in, the older couple with us turned back. They were having a rough time even reaching the base of the first waterfall. Even though we could have done the hike on our own, I’m glad we didn’t. After reaching the top of the first waterfall, I wouldn’t have wanted to continue. The fact that we paid money to go with a guide pushed me forward, and I couldn’t be more glad about it.

Our first glimpse of Vernal Fall.

We didn’t take any pictures for the stretch of trail aptly named the Mist Trail. The Mist Trail winds through the soaking spray of the water rushing down from Vernal Fall. We put our jackets back on and put our cameras away in a futile attempt to stay as dry as possible. The Mist Trail consisted of a granite staircase made up of about 600 steps. It was slick and narrow, and my quads were screaming after only a couple of minutes. It was a hard but incredible experience, and the view from the top of Vernal Fall was well worth the pain.

This was the point at which, had we not been with a guide, I would have quit. However, we continued up to Nevada Fall. The trail wasn’t wet, but it was still challenging. My legs were not fully prepared for the demands I would be making of them.

I made it!!

We were rewarded with an amazing view from the top of Nevada Fall. We stopped here for a little lunch and to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

We traveled back down along the other side of the falls, on the John Muir Trail. It was wonderful to have different scenery for the second half of the journey. Even better – no stairs to climb!

Our guide Sarah with Jason and I.

Jason and I will never forget our Adventure Hike. Our guide, Sarah, was so nice and patient – Jason and I, not fully adjusted to the elevation, needed a few breaks going both up and back down. We pushed ourselves physically more than we ever have, and the whole experience has inspired me to hike even more than we have been. We saw incredible scenery and had fun the whole way!

We hiked a loop of the first four items on this list.

To commemorate our experience, Jason and I bought an Ansel Adams print of Vernal Fall. We had been saving our coins for the last 10 months in order to buy a print, and we were so excited to have the opportunity to buy one that would remind us of our amazing hike.

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