Yosemite Adventure: Day 2

9 Jun

At this point in our trip, I’m barely aware of what day it is. That’s the perfect vacation state of mind, if you ask me. I have a couple of days to catch up on – we’ve been busy, plus the WiFi kind of stinks. I’m realizing that maybe I’m a bit more addicted to technology than I thought…

Day two of our trip was a low-key day. We drove down to the southern area of the park to see the Mariposa Grove of giant sequoias. The drive south was amazing – although a little too much like riding a rollercoaster for my tastes. We took a shuttle out to the grove, but were really not prepared for the hike and heat we encountered. We only viewed some of the famous trees, but we got the general idea.

On our way back to the Valley, we took a side trip to Glacier Point. I can’t remember the elevation of the area, but we were high! We saw spectacular views of the valley below and also saw snow, something they still have a fair amount of in the higher elevations.

Since day two in the park also happened to be our anniversary, we had an excellent dinner at the Mountain Room Restaurant at Yosemite Lodge. From there, we attended the Yosemite Theater at the Visitors Center to view the film “This Is America,” which was a short, person-focused clip film from the PBS series DVD. Preceding and following the film, Ranger Shelton Johnson, who had many narrative parts in the series, spoke. I was really excited to meet him and he gave an incredible talk!


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