Camping in Comfort: An Introduction

12 Apr

Casey Sisters and Victorian Camping; around 1900

I put Jason in charge of our first camping trip together. He was the more “experienced” camper and it was his interest that I was just trying out. Beyond the basics of a tent and food, I wasn’t sure what supplies we would need or would be helpful. I love my husband dearly, but he didn’t really understand the level of “comfort” I would demand for our camping adventures.

I am now the camping coordinator in our house. The first trip provided an opportunity for me to experience what was missing. Beyond that, I was still starting from scratch. So how did I go from novice camping skeptic to camping coordinator? I started out the way I start out almost everything new I take on: I researched it to death. I bought books and read websites. I began crafting a pre-trip checklist that could grow as I gained more experience. (“Grow” doesn’t seem to go with the simplicity of camping, but this is me – the list grew).

Again, there isn’t a lot of DIY “glamping” information out there, so I hope to share the wisdom I gain as I continue along this camping journey. I’ll blaze the trail, and you can begin your camping adventures in relative comfort.


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