2nd Annual Peninsula Camping Trip – September 2009

18 Oct

 Jason and I made our 2nd annual trip up to Door County and Peninsula State Park to relax and have some camping fun. Although I had claimed that two nights camping would be the most I could handle, we decided to make this a three night trip. One full day in Door County and Peninsula just isn’t enough.

This year, unlike last year, we left home early and only made one stop on our drive north. Since we had time before we could check in at the park, we decided to make a side trip to the Cana Island Lighthouse.

The lighthouse is on an island, but an island with a walkway connecting it to the peninsula. We didn’t climb the tower, just walked around the grounds instead.




We walked along the shoreline behind the lighthouse. As we got closer to the water, we were thrown by the sound what we thought was sand was making underfoot. It sounded like we were walking on crushed glass. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that the “sand” was actually crushed shells! They were everywhere. It was cool and disconcerting all in one. I took lots of pictures, but none of them did the scene justice.




As we walked back across the walkway to our car, I noticed one of the other parked cars had a Stark Automotive Group sticker on it – small world! Jason thought it was a little odd that I would notice that, but I’ve always looked at dealer stickers seeing my dad was a car salesman.

After the lighthouse, we headed to the Green Bay side of Door County to settle into our temporary home.



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